Kaleidoscope Istanbul

This project was initiated by PLOT, the magazine for Scenography in partnership with MBA worldwide. They invited several design studios across Germany and Switzerland to design a unique installation within a booth environment at Römerkastell in Stuttgart. The project was a competition themed event to celebrate the industry and bring the top studios together. My role was the design of the virtual space and I filled the mirrored installation with slowly moving ornamental patterns, flight mode through deep tunnels and psychedelic structures. Tamschick Media & Space a studio took 1st Prize award for our vision.

A production of TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH on behalf of MBA Design & Display Produkt GmbH
Creative Director: Charlotte Tamschick​​
Art Director: Marc Oßwald​​
Client: MBA Design & Display Produkt GmbH
Technical implementation: music & light design GmbH