This interactive table was a project by Schusterjungen und Hurenkinder GmbH from Munich for the proposal of Germany‘s bid for the Olympic Winter Games 2018. I was hired as animator and motion designer. The interactive exhibit is a tool which informs the user about all important local area information for the period of the proposed Winter Olympics. I designed the information and interactions for all surfaces as well as the final animation presentation. The table illustrates all relevant areas for the Games of Upper Bavaria with purpose interactive elements. An intuitive navigation with real buttons on the model facilitates the user experience to guide the members of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) and press representatives from around the world and provide an inspiring introduction to why Munich was a willing host for the 2018 Winter games. The information table was installed at the Paralympic Games, Vancouver in 2010 and there onwards in Whistler, Canada. Following this, it was exhibited in several other places across Europe.