Sphinx Hall - Jungfraujoch Switzerland 2012

At a height of 3471m, The Swiss Alps with its stunning panoramas, mystic ice caves, heavy snowstorms and massive avalanches became the backdrop for this immersive experience. This was my first project at Tamschick Media & Space. We wanted to create an engaging visitor attraction that formed a 360° projection about this stunning landscape. I was responsible for the design of all animated scenes and the final color grading of the entire film. To research and to photographically visualise this projection, I visited Europe‘s highest mountain cave in Switzerland where I climbed into oppressive ice tunnels to photograph the spectacular rocks and ice crystals. From my results, I created four high-resolution panoramic scenes for the introduction and ending sequence that resulted in a  resolution of 17720 x 1080 pixel ratio.


A production of TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH on behalf of Steiner Sarnen Schweiz AG für Kommuniation
Creative Director: Charlotte Tamschick
Art Director / Motion Design
: Marc Oßwald
Lead-Agency / ScenographySteiner Sarnen Schweiz AG für Kommunikation
Client: Jungfraubahnen AG  
Hardware Planning / Technical Implementation: Bildflug GmbH  
Music, Sound Design: Klangerfinder GmbH