The 400 square metre interactive installation can be seen as a journey to the past of the city of Wuxi, China. Visitors are immersed in a 15-minute story about the rise of the Kingdom of Wu during this particular period between 514-496 BC. It was an overwhelming dimension and an interesting task to design and animate the battle scenes, the victory of Wu against Chu, a very important battle in the history of China. With live action footage of real actors, I simulated an army of soldiers fighting against each other on burning battlefields. I designed an animation with speed that created an undertow effect within the battle towards the audience. In addition to the hectic scenes of the battle, I designed the peaceful lake scene with a calm sunset, swimming fishes and beautiful waves.  

A production of TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH on behalf of ACCIONA PRODUCCIONES Y DISEÑO S.A. (formerly G.P.D. S.A.)
Creative Director: Marc Tamschick​​​​​​
Helv Relics Museum​

Lead Agency / Scenography: ACCIONA PRODUCCIONES Y DISEÑO S.A. 
Hardware Planning / Technical Implementation: Kraftwerk living technologies GmbH